One unique aspect of our company is we like to fish where ever the bite is the hottest.  So while the sail fish bite slows down, blue bayou will be moving one of our smaller center counsels (La Picasso) to the Atlantic side.  The area is known as Rio Dulce, or the sweet river.  Basically this lush green river that dumps in to the Atlantic is home to some of the best tarpon fishing in Latin America.  Tarpon that can reach 200 lbs even.  Also we have access to the southern parts of Belize such as punta gorda.  This works out perfect for the fly fishermen or light spinning anglers wanting to tap this area for a fraction of the cost Belize normally charges.  Our groups can handle 3 anglers for the tarpon fishing in Guatemala, but for the Belize trips 2 is ideal.  Our web page will soon have the updated info for these types of trips, and the lodging as well.  By far this my favorite part of Guatemala.  More to come.

Capt Starrs

This past Friday April 23rd we took out one of our funniest groups yet.  I was contacted by a volunteering group of Doctors from Texas, mostly from the Houston's practicing region hospitals.  They were all down here on a type of mission that involved several serious surgery´s for impoverished Guatemala´s that had no way of accessing such medical attention.  Most days they completed around 60 operations while working out of Antigua´s Hermano Pedro (Church/Hospital in Antigua). Such operations included implants for elderly folks needing replacement hip, joints, etc.  So to say I was happy to take such great people out fishing was an understatement.  Since the group was rather large I captained the Fat Cat.  This boat is a larger 30 foot hydro cat.  The day was incredible, we reached blue water at just about 10 miles which is ideal.  We put the lines down at about 15 miles and it wasn´t long before we had out first one on.  The fishing from that point pretty much dropped off to nothing for a long time.  We had gotten lots of chatting from the locals that were involved in a local tournament telling us that their were sails all over the place at about 20 miles, but they were not biting.  I guess there was too much bait fish concentrated in one area.  We headed to the hot spot to find that what was being said was in fact true.  I was spotting birds, dolphin's, and even whales working a 1 mile by 1 mile pocket.  I was even more surprised to see that from the tower I was spotting schools of 5 to a dozen Sail fish just picking at the top of the surface with their sails exposed.  I did everything in my power to get them to bite and nothing was happening.  Very strange!!!  This was a prefect day for live bait, but in Guatemala 100% of folks use dead bollyhoo.  The end result was 2 for 4 bites with sail fish, and a couple of very close calls with some humpback whales near the boat for great pictures.  Lots of life, time to start thinking about a bubblier for the rest of the fleet.  Our newest boat for next year will have such equipment.  Great group and we thank faith in practice for joining us in the sail fish Capital and helping out local Guatemalans in need.

Capt Starrs

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