If there hasn't been a fishing report update in some days, its because I am fishing like a mad man.
I just got off a 4 day stretch with a shared boat of clients from Ohio and Rhode Island.  The fuel bill was in my favor this week as we only had to go 6 miles off shore to find productive blue water.  In fact, some days we laid up at just 4 miles to find a good morning bite.  On our 26 foot walk around at 30 knots, that get you there in less than 20 minutes. 
The interesting combo with this shared group was the fact we had one conventional angler, and one fly angler.  It actually worked out great, and both anglers had tons of action.

First day we had around 18 sails raised, 2 with a fly in the mouth, and we released just 8 for the day.  Keep in mind the clients hooked all the fish as do all of my anglers coming down here.  The mate will tease the fish, and help keep the spread interesting, but the anglers are catching the fish, unlike other charters who simply hand you the rod.

Second day a bite slower as the weekend fishing pressure pushed the fishing apart.  We still managed to release 5, one on the fly, and 7 jack cravelle around 15 lbs.  1 Jack on the fly, which was fun as well.

Third day, started slow and end better.  We had a couple doubles, released one on the fly, and raised about 12 sails all day.

Fourth day, SLOW in the morning.  Almost 3 hours without a single raised fish, and we weren't the only ones.  As we trolled west we found incredible water difference and it was 30 minutes into better water that things turned.  We had 4 hook on the fly, many aggressive fish.  We ended that day despite the slow start with 13 fish raised, and two landed on the fly.  That last day was just a fly day. 
Over all lots of good fishing if you find productive water.  Several shots on the fly, and more blue water is being pushed in from Mexico.  I will be fishing for the whole month, so please excuse the slow reporting.  Tight lines.

Capt Starrs


A picture says it all!



Jan 20th, 2011 the bite is hot again in Guatemala.  However, you have to work for it.  There was a good crowd gathering at about 35 miles, as we all trolled out in random directions looking for the concentrations of sail fish.  Finally we got word at just about 38 miles (from Chris Sheeder) there was a good late morning bite (about 9am).  At about 40 miles we had the best results with at least another 12 boats trolling on top of one another.  We ended the day with 18 bites and just 6 releases.  We had a new guy on board who hooked all of his fish, as well as took home a nice 15 lb dorado.  Happy camper to say the least.  The water content is perfect, temperatures are in 83.5 to 84.5 range.  We were able to push out at 30 knots with almost no chop.   The boats that fished later raised as many as 40 fish that day.  Great teasing fish for the fly, and just a great time in general.  Saturday we are out again, then Tuesday, and then Almost two full weeks straight through of fishing!  So don't expect a new report until mid February.  We will keep you posted on facebook.
Tight Lines,
Capt Starrs


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